The word Christmas comes from Christ-Mass,

Christ, as in Jesus Christ,
means "chosen one."
Jesus Christ is chosen by God
to save all the people of the earth.

Mass is a church service,
so Christmas started as
the Church service that celebrated the birth of Jesus.

What does it mean to save all the people of the earth?

During Jesus's lifetime,

He performed many miracles,

(He fed thousands of hungry people
with just one basket of food,
He healed the sick,
gave sight to the blind,
and even raised the dead)

He taught us how to live by example,

(He taught us to LOVE one another,
to not worry and to be humble)

and He conquered death,

(He not only raised others from the grave,
He also rose from the dead Himself,
giving believers the hope of life even after we die on Earth.)

How do we know this?

Jesus's life was recorded by witnesses.

We have recorded of prophets prophecizing about it from 3000 bc.


What is shown in this image?